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Distinguished Visitors Today

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Hilary Clinton speaking at symposium on Early Childhood Education at the Woodrow Wilson School, April 25, 1997.

Luminaries and professionals from all areas of the world of public and international affairs play a vital role in the life of the Woodrow Wilson School, presenting lectures and participating in panels, seminars, and conferences. Recent guests have included former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and former Secretary of Defense and World Bank President Robert S. McNamara.

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Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archives.

Distinguished Visitors Past


Dwight D. Eisenhower at Princeton’s Bicentennial celebration, 1946

The 1946-1947 Princeton University Bicentennial Celebration welcomed a spectrum of guests, including Secretary of State George C. Marshall, who delivered the Alumni Day address, and President Harry S. Truman, who delivered the Concluding Bicentennial Convocation in front of Nassau Hall.

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Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archives.

International Students Today


Flags of many nations fly at the opening ceremonies for the International Festival, a month-long celebration featuring performances, films, conferences and parties, sponsored by the Consortium of International Student Organizations under the auspices of the Davis International Center.

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Photo courtesy of the Davis International Center.

International Students Past


Not only have Princeton students traveled to study abroad, but the University has welcomed students from around the world. The two students above, Akinremi (Julius) A. Ojo ‘63 and Henry T. Bozimo ‘63, were among two dozen Nigerians who qualified for a pilot program for foreign student scholarships sponsored by 21 American colleges and universities.

Princeton’s newest class of 2011, the most diverse in Princeton’s history, includes 139 international students, constituting 11.2 percent of the class.

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Photo from Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Asian Night Market


A taste of Asia comes to Princeton each year at the annual Asian Night Market, hosted by the Taiwanese American Students Association collaborating with other Asian student groups on campus. A dancer leads a Chinese lion dance through the crowds on the north lawn of Frist Campus Center. Traditionally, the lion is led by a ball, but in true Princeton spirit, here the lion chases after a tiger.

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Photo courtesy of Davis International Center.

Choir Trip to Hong Kong


Princeton’s International Internship Program and Study Abroad Program have helped students pursue academic interests overseas, but other students have found their own way to travel around the globe.

Here a student has a fun moment with local kids during a Glee Club trip to Hong Kong in 1980. The Glee Club’s tradition of international concert tours began in 1958 and has included trips to Europe, Asia, South America and the South Pacific, and two around-the-world tours.

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Photo from Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Study and Service Abroad: Latin America


Sponsored by Princeton’s International Internship Program, Joshua A. Loehrer ‘08 spent one summer in Peru working on issues of poverty and sustainability, and the subsequent summer in Chile, working with a social activist organization and volunteering at an organization that works with homeless people.

Here he is with two friends top of Vulcan Villarica in Pucon, Chile.

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Photo courtesy of Josh Loehrer.

Study and Service Abroad: China


Ashley M. Johnson ‘08 participated in the inaugural year of Princeton in Asia’s Summer of Service program, an 8 week English language immersion program for students at a teachers’ college in one of the neediest areas of western China. Ashley stayed in China for an additional 4 months to participate in a Chinese language immersion program and actually completed one of her junior papers while living in China. She returned as a co-leader for the Summer of Service program in 2007.

She describes the scene above: “I went on a camel ride in Inner Mongolia, in one of the corners of Gobi Desert. I literally went from flat plains, crossed a river and entered the desert. “

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Photo courtesy of Ashley Johnson.

Near Eastern Studies at Princeton


Illustration of horse and rider “Zal meets Rudabah” from the Princeton Shahnama Project, an archive of book paintings — commonly known as Persian Miniatures — that illustrate scenes from the Persian national epic, the Shahnama (the Book of Kings), a poem of some 50,000 couplets composed in the late tenth to early eleventh centuries.

The core of this archive is a fund of 277 illustrations bequeathed to Princeton by Clara S. Peck and by Robert Garrett, a member of the Class of 1897. Princeton’s Near East Collections contain some 170,000 books and manuscripts in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish. The Program in Near Eastern Studies provides students in any department the opportunity to study the languages, modern history, contemporary institutions, and problems of the Near East.

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Photo courtesy of Princeton University Library