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Galaxy Quest in 3D


This is a computer visualization of two interacting galaxies when the universe was only one sixth of its present age. Visualizations like this one help researchers "see" 3D structures and study the dynamics of complex systems.

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Photo by Simon Su/2010 Art of Science Exhibition

Breaking the Code


This Petri dish shows the 10 million offspring of two strains of yeast, part of research on genetic coding by Professor Leonid Kruglyak and his team. Their work could ultimately lead to understanding how multiple genes interact to produce everything from blue eyes to blood pressure problems. Read more at

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Photo by Princeton University, Office of Communications, Denise Applewhite

Adventure on the High Seas


An online exhibit featuring historic maps from the 1520s through the 1770s explores the Pacific Ocean from today's safe vantage point. It includes this beauty depicting mythical Patagonian giants. See more at

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Image courtesy Department of Rare Books and Special Collections

Camel's Eye View


Chloe Bordewich '12 captured this view near Merzouga, Morocco, and submitted her photo for the Office of International Program's second annual International Photo Contest. You can do more armchair traveling by visiting

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Photo courtesy Chloe Bordewich '12/Office of International Programs