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On the Trail of Life...

frosh trip.jpg never know who--or what--you'll meet. That seemed to be the lesson for Richard Lee '14 on his Frosh Trip with Outdoor Action. This year's venture heads out on September 2, with 837 students of the Class of 2016 signed up.

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Photo courtesy of Outdoor Action

Healthy Smiles

jonathan_hezghia_.jpg When not helping improve the clean water supply for a local school in Las Delicias, El Salvador, as part of a Grand Challenges internship, economics major Jon Hezghia '13 joined in the students' playful antics.

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Photo by Jon Hezghia '13

Photo Op in Progress


Julian Lee *12 caught this moment during a three-month stay in Berlin last summer, where he conducted economic analysis for the Ecologic Institute, a think-tank for environmental research and policy. His take on the changes in Berlin since reunification became an exhibit at the Woodrow Wilson School this year. See more of Lee's exhibit and the work of other WWS students at

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Photo by Julian Lee *12

This Side of Musical Paradise

burne holiday.tif

Burne Holiday - no, not the F. Scott Fitzgerald character, but the alternative rock band with Cory Furlong '13, Joe Edelmann '13, Nathan Tyrell '14, and Javier Alejandro Masis '13 - wowed the crowd recently at one of the Frist Center's summer concerts.

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Photo by Dino Palomares