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Hunting Tigers


No damsel in distress here. This illustration from Andrew Lang's Grey Fairy Book is one of the many delightful striped felines found in the pamphlet More Tigers Spotted in the Cotsen Children's Library. Visit the library to pick up a copy.

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Image courtesy of Cotsen Children's Library

A Novel Bouquet


Words were not the only medium for Jane Eyre's author. At age 14, Charlotte Brontë used watercolors to paint Flowers. This artwork is part of the University's Robert H. Taylor Collection. Taylor was a member of the Class of 1930.

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Image courtesy of Department of Rare Books and Special Collections

No Rain on His P-rade


Marc Cavaillé-Coll '75's smile radiates sunny thoughts on his P-rade march.

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Photo by Andrea Kane

Olé Many Times Over

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Marching for his 60th Reunion, Bill Bardsley '51 saluted his father, William W. Bardsley '1911, and the Class of 2011.

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Photo by Andrea Kane