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Tiger Travels



As summer vacations begin, we bring you a snapshot of our own Princeton Tiger on the road. See if you can guess where he is.

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Photo: Eric Craig Studios

Commencement, 2008


University Orator Terdema L. Ussery ‘81 with musician, composer, producer, and humanitarian Quincy Jones, a 2008 honorary Doctor of Music degree recipient.

Honorary degrees were also awarded this year to George Kateb, an influential political theorist and Princeton’s William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics Emeritus; Mary-Claire King, a pioneering geneticist whose work extends to human rights; Haruki Murakami, a celebrated and innovative author; and John Waterbury, a university president and Princeton’s William Stewart Tod Professor of Politics and International Affairs Emeritus.

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Photo: T. Kevin Birch

Commencement, 2008


Laden down with leis, an ecstatic Class of 2008 graduate cheers.

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Photo: T. Kevin Birch

Pictures of P-rade 2008


Tiger spirit held back the rain yet again, as nearly 20,000 Princetonians young and old came together to march in the P-rade. If you were able to attend, you might see a picture of yourself!

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Photo: Vanessa Rae Silva

Reunions, 2008


This year’s 25th Reunion Class of 1983 gathers on the steps of Blair Arch for a group portrait while a future Princetonian looks on.

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Photo: Steve Freeman

Commencement, 1970

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A graduating senior walks with a group of Princeton activists wearing armbands to protest the ongoing Vietnam War and US participation in the invasion of Cambodia that occurred in May of 1970. Were you there?

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Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archives

Commencement, 2007


President Shirley M. Tilghman awards an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree to legendary boxer and humanitarian Muhammad Ali during Princeton’s commencement exercises in 2007.

Honorary degrees were also awarded that year to Norman Augustine, the former chief executive officer and chairman of the aerospace giant Lockheed Martin Corp.; Elizabeth Blackburn, a pioneering molecular biologist; Robert Fagles, a celebrated literary translator and Princeton’s Arthur Marks ‘19 Professor of Comparative Literature Emeritus; LaSalle Leffall Jr., a leading cancer surgeon and researcher; Fritz Stern, a renowned historian of modern Germany; and Twyla Tharp, an award-winning choreographer and director.

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Photo: T. Kevin Birch

Class Day, 1948


Class Day, an annual tradition, 1948. At Class Day ceremonies on Cannon Green the day before Commencement, seniors recognize outstanding classmates with awards for achievement and service, induct honorary class members, and celebrate highlights of their undergraduate years with wit and whimsy. Was this a musical tribute to the football team?

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Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archives.