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To Boldly Go . . . and Return


Anticipating the Star Trek television series by nearly a dozen years, the Class of 1950 beamed on to campus as astronauts for their 5th Reunion. 

Can you name one of the genuine NASA astronauts with Princeton degrees?

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Photo by Elizabeth G. C. Menzies/Courtesy of Princeton University Archives



Freshman Seminar: Neuroscience meets Philosophy

  Neurophilosophy Freshman Seminar

What's going on here?

Students in the freshman seminar "The Neural Basis of Free Will and Consciousness" test to see which of their eyes -- left or right -- is dominant, in an exercise designed to point out left and right brain differences.

In this seminar jointly taught by neuroscience professor Michael Berry and philosophy professor Adam Elga (pictured in back), students look at free will and consciousness through the lenses of both disciplines. The aim of the course is to wed philosophy that is informed by neuroscience with neuroscience that addresses major philosophical questions.

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Photo by Andrea Kane


International Internship Program


Art and Archaeology major Jessica L. Frey '09 takes a break for tea while riding in the Egyptian desert.  Frey spent a summer in Cairo interning for the Cairo Museum through Princeton's International Internship Program (IIP). Last summer, IIP supported 111 undergraduates in 35 countries around the world.

To see a slideshow of photos from other students who studied or interned abroad through Princeton's Office of International Programs, click here.

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Photo courtesy of Jessica L. Frey '09