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Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education


The Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education provides opportunities for all students to develop a solid understanding of technology and how it affects the world. The center’s multidisciplinary approach encourages fresh perspectives on engineering problems and emphasizes real-life experience and entrepreneurship.

In this short video, five students talk about their research projects that range from building autonomous robotic vehicles to finding a cure for cancer.

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Video by Nexus Media

Seniors Celebrate!


Many Princetonians have indulged in the tradition of jumping into the fountain in front of the Woodrow Wilson School to celebrate the handing in of their senior theses.

How many of us, though, have thought of windsurfing in the fountain?

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Photo courtesy of the Princeton University Archives

Sherrerd Hall Dedicated, April 4, 2009


The new home of the Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE) and the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) was dedicated on April 4 in honor of the late John J.F. (Jay) Sherrerd '52, one of Princeton's most loyal and beloved alumni, the "quintessential tiger."

Above, Sherrerd's friends and family were given a tour of Sherrerd Hall's ecologically green roof by architect Fred Fisher.  More images from the dedication can be viewed at:


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Photo: Andrea Kane

Video: The Senior Thesis

David Weiss '07 (Play video)

David Weiss '07, currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania, speaks about his senior thesis work developing computer science methods to help neuroscientists analyze fMRI data.

Generations of alumni look back on the senior thesis as the most valuable academic component of their Princeton experience. Weiss says, "It was great as an undergraduate to contribute something that no one had ever done before. . . . to actually make a significant contribution before I had even graduated from Princeton."  

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Video by Robert Perry, Province Line Productions

April: Thesis Month Begins


Looking back on our Princeton experiences, most of us remember the month of April as thesis crunch time, with hours spent working in a cramped study carrel deep in the bowels of Firestone library.

These resourceful undergraduates have managed to liven up the carrel with a TV, perfect for well-deserved study breaks.

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Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archives