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Going Viral (Not)


Molecular biologists Ileana Cristea, left, and Thomas Shenk (seen here at Celebrate Princeton Invention 2011) have discovered that naturally occurring proteins called sirtuins can inhibit the growth of multiple types of viruses. They are working with chemist David MacMillan to develop a new class of antiviral drugs -- thanks to a boost from the University's Intellectual Property Development Fund, which helps early-stage projects move beyond the lab toward the marketplace. Learn more at http://tinyurl.com/6t9r7rj

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Photo by Brian Wilson

Love Opens Doors...


...Or at least a Valentine-shaped handle will. See if you know where to find this heart-shaped door pull on campus.

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Photo by Bentley Drezner

Furry Friends


Elizabeth "Lili" Driggs '14 made friends with two alpacas last summer in Chile, where she interned with a non-profit organization that promotes entrepreneurship. Now she is a peer adviser for others who may want to do the same--and maybe befriend alpacas, too.

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Photo courtesy of the Office of International Programs