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She Roars


The University celebrates women undergraduate and graduate alumnae this weekend in a conference titled She Roars. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor '76 will be part of the festivities, and appears in this seemingly prescient photo when she won the Pyne Prize as an undergraduate.

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Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archives

Star Search


Astrophysics postdoctoral researcher Dustin Lang and a colleague had the bright idea to plug Internet-collected photographs of Comet 17P/Holmes into Astrometry.net to create this striking image of the comet's trajectory. The site analyzes patterns of stars in photos and calibrates what part of the sky is shown. 

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Photo by Dustin Lang (Princeton) and David W. Hogg (New York University)

Uncommon Accomplishment


A beaming Ted and Ginnie Taylor stand before the plaque honoring Professor Emeritus Taylor at the April 9 dedication of the new Frick Chemistry Laboratory. His research led to the development of the anti-cancer drug Alimta, whose royalties supported the building of the 
new lab.

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Photo by Andrea Kane