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November 25, 1950

Storm of 1950

In the aftermath of a storm on Saturday, November 25, 1950, front campus showed the effect of winds that averaged more than 80 miles per hour, with gusts over 100. Monday's Daily Princetonian noted that Princeton Hospital was illuminated by candlelight that night—as were the club parties.

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Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archives

Frank Gehry Loves Princeton Hockey


Frank Gehry gives a thumbs up to the Princeton Hockey team after being presented with his own Tiger jersey.

On campus for the dedication of the Peter B. Lewis Library, architect Frank Gehry paid a visit to Baker Rink to meet the Princeton Hockey team.  Having grown up in Canada, Gehry is a huge hockey fan. He started a hockey league in his office called FOG (based on his initials) and designed the trophy for the World Cup of Hockey. 

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Photo: Bentley Drezner

Princeton Football Fans, 1952

1952 rally.jpg

Princeton students taking part in a pre-football game rally in 1952.

The Tigers take on Dartmouth in football this Saturday, November 22 at Princeton Stadium.

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Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archives

Princeton Service Abroad: China


Anastasia M. Oldham '10 teaches English to a class of Chinese students in Jishou, Hunan Province, China.

The class is part of an annual 8-week-long summer language immersion program that was founded, run, and taught by Princeton undergraduates through the auspices of Princeton-in-Asia. 

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Photo courtesy of Betty Cox '09

November 13, 1969

Vietnam Rally

As on most college campuses at the time, Princeton experienced a growth in campus unrest in protest of the Vietnam War. 

On November 13, 1969, Princeton held a Vietnam Assembly in Jadwin Gymnasium that “was conceived to provide a forum for individuals associated with the University to consider and express their views on American involvement in Vietnam.” The meeting gathered over 3,000 alumni, faculty, students, and staff who considered and voted on five resolutions on the war.

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Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archives

Princeton Students Abroad: China

Hunan Summer of Service

Princeton students Ashley Johnson '08, Rory Truex '07, James Hamm '08, Betty Cox '09, Lisa Kelley '08, Francine Saunders '08, Chris Schlegel '09, Mike Vinson '10, Jean Hsu '08, and Andrew Turco '07 travel together in a train sleeping car compartment in Hunan, China. The students participated in Princeton-in-Asia's Summer of Service program.

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Photo courtesy of Ashley Johnson '08

International Studies, 1891-92

Italian Class 1891

In 1891-92 seniors W. K. Prentice, Lucien Abrams, Howard C. Butler and V. L. Collins took the first class in Italian taught at Princeton. Cultural sensitivity was not a prerequisite.

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Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archives

Princeton's Evolving Campus: The New Butler College


Sketch of design for Butler College.

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"I think Butler will have an extraordinary impact both physically as well as on community building. It completes a part of the campus. It not only marks the opening of our third four-year residential college, but it also creates another major gathering place for student undergraduate life that we felt the campus really needed."

 - Mark Burstein, Executive Vice President, Princeton University

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Sketch courtesy of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners