The Princeton Experience: Princeton University Band, 1994

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Trombonist, around 1994. The standard uniform of the Princeton University Band consists of black pants with white shirts and black ties, white shoes, Italian “boater” hats, and distinctive orange-and-black plaid jackets. Here a Tiger musician relaxes in less formal attire, probably during a rehearsal. If you recognize him, please let us know.

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Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archives

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To my knowledge, the man in the picture was never a Princeton student and was never in the Band. Rather, he was a local Princeton resident who fancied himself a Band member and came to be known as "Random Trombone Guy". Never an organization to quash the random of the world, the Princeton Band allowed him to join up for some events. I believe the man's real name is John Degrazia, maker of souvenir tiger tails and author of a few "Three Little Tigers" children's books.