The Spirit of the Season

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In this season of giving, Annual Giving thanks all alumni, parents, and friends for keeping alive the spirit of Princeton.

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Photo: J. T. Miller ‘70


The link is not working properly. I am unable to view the Spirit of Princeton.

Thanks, it's fixed.

Very nice series of pictures. Although, it seems to me, the "spirit of Princeton" is water, particularly precipitation. "fills courtyards" - Holder with wet pavement; "fills halls" WW courtyard, again with rain-wet pavement; and the final image in the snow.

I suppose rain is a big part of my memory of Princeton: walking here & there in the rain, meditating on gloom winter days, getting caught in a sudden spring snow with nothing on but a T-shirt to walk back from the Von Neumann computer room at 4 AM, etc., but it seems such an inside reference. Is this video is aimed at alumni, rather than outside people?

Thank you for your evocative comments. The video is primarily aimed at alumni -- those who shared in the Princeton experience, and who hope to help Princeton carry on that experience for future generations.