Mechanical Engineering

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View in the north wing of the Engineering Building as seniors in the Department of Mechanical Engineering test ice machines and internal combustion engines under the direction of Alfred E. Sorenson, a member of the faculty from 1926 to 1971.

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Photo courtesy of Princeton University Archives

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Alfred Sorenson was my grandfather. I remember visiting him in his office at Princeton. He loved being at the University among the students. He was especially fond of thermodynamics and working on automobile engines. Lee Iacocca, on page 26 of his self titled autobiography, wrote, "My project was to design and build, by hand, a hydraulic dynamometer. A professor named Sorenson offered to work with me. Together we built it and hooked it up to an engine that General Motors had donated to the University. I ran all the tests, completed my thesis, and had it bound - in leather yet, I was so proud of it."

Thanks for posting the picture!